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Regular attendance is considered vital for a comprehensive education and parents have an important responsibility in ensuring such attendance.

Welsh Government targets for the school currently is set at 95% average attendance.

Absences are of two types, authorised and unauthorised

  • Authorised absences are usually for illness. However, the Headteacher has discretion to authorise absences for:
    • special circumstances, such as for hospital or dental appointments, religious ceremonies or festivals;
    • holidays, amounting to a total of ten days in a school year;
    • educational visits;
    However, parents / carers should avoid, as far as possible, making medical and similar appointments for their children during school hours.
  • Absences for reasons other then those noted above will be regarded as unauthorised. Unauthorised absences are both educationally and legally unacceptable.


Law requires us to monitor and record attendance and absence. If your child is absent for any reason please let us know on the first day of absence by telephoning, e-mailing or calling at the school. If such notification is not received staff will make every effort to contact a family member to check the child’s whereabouts. If no notification has been forwarded, please send a note when your child returns to school, detailing the reasons for absence.

Absences can only be authorised when a parent or adult carer provides information. Notification via a sibling child is insufficient to meet guidelines.

Regular or prolonged periods of unauthorized absence can bring about investigation by the County’s Education Welfare Officer.

Absence for family holidays is permitted and a holiday form is available from the School Clerical Assistant, Mrs J. Hughes. This should be completed at least five days prior to the absence. Parents / carers should pay careful regard to the educational consequences of a long holiday absence and should discuss these with the school in advance.

Further information is available in the school’s attendance policy, which can be downloaded from the Documents & Policies section

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