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Welcome to Ysgol Llandinam School

Llandinam School Aims

  • To provide opportunities that promote the cognitive, physical, spiritual, emotional, social and moral development of each child;
  • To provide an education for children of all backgrounds and abilities which enables them to aim for the highest standards;
  • To nurture values and a sense of community and ‘place’ within each individual child, so that they understand the nature of belonging and responsibility within a small school and Welsh community.

We attempt to do this by:

  • Providing an ethos and environment where:
    • each child is valued, secure and happy
    • there is thought, consideration, co-operation, friendship and respect for each other
    • opportunities are equal for all
    • there is respect for authority, and understanding of the importance of rules
    • good manners and courtesy are encouraged between individuals
    • everyone is encouraged to be motivated, responsible, confident and positive
  • Providing a curriculum that is:
    • broad, balanced, interesting, relevant and varied
    • challenging and fosters enquiry and independence
    • flexible, keeping pace with change, and current in its thinking
    • reflective of the ‘Welsh’ context of the school
    • centred around the development of the key skills of literacy, numeracy, ICT and thinking

Our aim is for parents/ carers, staff and the whole school to work in partnership together towards achieving shared goals and objectives so that the most comprehensive educational opportunity is provided for each individual child.

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